Meet The Ohmies

Meet The Ohmies

 Bailey Butterfly

Bailey is a bubbly and loveable princess next door. An independent and active 7-year-old, she’s the first to take flight for an adventure, help others and meet “flaptastic” new friends. Bailey is incredibly caring and loyal but she has a hard time taking turns and sharing with her little brother, Carlin. Although he often annoys her, she’s always there to steady him when he stumbles and brush off his back when he gets dirty. Bailey’s favorite foods are red such as strawberries, tomatoes and licorice.







Carlin Caterpillar

Carlin is Bailey’s rough and tumble 4-year-old brother. Carlin craves his older sister’s approval and can’t wait until he grows older and becomes a butterfly, too. As the youngest in the group of friends, Carlin struggles to keep up and feel included. He’s often funny without trying because he misunderstands situations, mistakes the meaning of words and is more clumsy than coordinated. Carlin would rather play with his vegetables than eat them.







Gisbert Grasshopper

Gisbert is a 10-year-old insect with a penchant for science. Gisbert can come across as nerdy because of his excitement for intellectual pursuits and his knack for telling bad jokes. In fact, Gisbert enjoys telling bad jokes almost as much as he loves to hop around like crazy; after a good stretch, of course. Gisbert’s a passionate gardener who grows his own food. Although he’s mindful of eating a balanced meal, his favorite foods are green. Gisbert even eats leafy greens at breakfast, his favorite meal.







Daisy Dog

Daisy is a confident, glamorous, streetwise 8-year-old canine. She’s like the cool older cousin you’ve always wanted; a tween rockstar. She digs fashion and performance art, and is an infectious dancer who loves to ‘get down’. Daisy’s always got her paws on the current trends ‘cause she’s not afraid to try new things. Although she constantly introduces her friends to new and exotic healthy foods of all colors, her FAVORITE snacks are purple such as blueberries and plums.








Sylvio Snake

Sylvio is an 8-year-old serpent. Everybody thinks he’s smooth but in truth he’s incredibly shy. Sylvio believes that you must slow down in order to speed up. He always stops to smell the flowers no matter where he slithers. Sylvio’s dream is to become a superb singer. He has strong linguistic skills and enjoys speaking Spanish and all words that begins with the letter ‘S’. He’s never without his water bottle, but once he starts eating sugary sweets he can’t stop!








Do-re Mi-fa Sol-la Ti-do

(His friends call him Ti-do!)

Ti-do is Ohmland’s resident DJ and multi-instrumentalist, he is quick to add a BOING to Gisbert’s hops and CHAKA-SHHH to Sylvio’s Sock Samba. When not playing instruments Ti-do loves to dance the twist and make funny faces. Being so musical, Ti-do’s favorite foods make great instruments like watermelons, carrots and beans.